Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Who We Are

The mission of the Global Coalition for Peace is:
To propagate the importance of non-violence (ahimsa) for an effective and positive societal transformation leading to world peace.
To explore and practice the ways in which violence can be replaced by non-violence
To support all actions conducive of the unity of human kind regardless of man-made barriers as created by religious, national, ethnic, economic and political differences,
To promote universal understanding of the relationship of human beings as a planetary family unit,
To uphold the notion of the sacredness of human life,
To explore the magnitude and different forms of economic slavery,
To promote Satyagraha as defined by M.K. Gandhi as "The Force Borne Out of Truth and Love."

Our current projects are Aparigraha: A New Economic Paradigm for a Culture of Peace, The Women's Self Reliance Program, Sattwic Peace Gardens, promotion and distribution of Cooperative Games to support the principle of cooperation-not competition, cooperating with and supporting the work of the Essene Church of PeaceHavServeGlobal Foundation for Democracy and Development and other peace organizations, and the translation and publication of books on peace.  

Books by Global Coalition for Peace Include:
Ninos Creando Circulos de Paz
(Children Creating Circles of Peace)

Tu Vida es Un Regalo (Your Life is a Gift)
Sean the Veggie Man
Sean the Veggie Man and the Seeds of Kindness
The Way of Love

Aparigraha has been presented in North, Central and South America, India and Eastern Europe.  Sattwic Peace Gardens have been established in the United States, Guatemala, Bolivia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Haiti.  For more information contact us at gcfp@earthlink.net or roseannlord7@gmail.com.


 Out of the ashes of the World Trade Buildings and the ashes of the Pentagon, the ashes of the victims of Flight 93 and of Afghanistan, the ashes of Palestine and Israel, India and Pakistan, Iraq and Colombia, Global Coalition for Peace came into existence, molded on the suffering of those left behind as a vessel containing all the pain, that has violence as a common denominator, transforming it into a conviction of the sacredness of life and the power of non-violence and love.
GCFP was formed to join forces with all those working for the unity of the human family where meditation, prayer, educational programs and events are some of the means used to spread this message.
Global Coalition for Peace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Maryland on May 31, 2002.  Calling on the need to recognize the many forms of violence that pervade society as a whole (physical, verbal, emotional, psychological, economic, etc. that are played out in the different areas of domestic, interpersonal, school, workplace, road, city, national, international) its main purpose is to replace violence with love and respect.